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ZorkaITSolutions, IT Solutions Company founded in 2014. Considering then, we’ve built on our technical and creative achievement to turn out to be the most important IT Solutions Company.
Since 2014, we have helped loads of companies reap awesome online and offline consequences. We're all about taking a certainly collaborative approach and thoroughly information each of our patron's dreams and commercial enterprise requirements.
Our skilled management and friendly office team of workers will provide you with statistics and solutions and introduce an excellent service to your agency. We specialize in IT services however additionally offer a first-rate guide for search engine optimization, internet site designing, and different digital advertising services as well as inner tasks to guide our very own developing commercial enterprise.

We always strive to offer you a solution that works best for you. When working with Zorka you will experience total transparency throughout the process. Our clients are in direct contact with the administration, web designers and developers. This helps them track the status of their project

We build trust with clients on

  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Transparent Work Process
  • Client’s Satisfaction
  • Technical Support
  • Multiple Engagement Models
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Our products and services might also sometimes be equaled, however, are in no way exceeded. We attempt to attain excellence in our service overall performance which is steady, monitored, professional and accountable.
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